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Wicked as Sin

March 10, 2020
Wicked as Sin by Shayla Black

Wicked as Sin: One-Mile & Brea, Part One by Shayla Black

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Finally! One-Mile (Pierce)’s POV! There is way more to this hottie then just intimidating his co-workers and stalking our darling preacher’s daughter Brea. Ms. Black lured us into disliking this badass loner throughout her last couple of books. She is a master at writing steamy love stories with some suspenseful drama weaved in to mix you up. While reading Devoted to Pleasure, we hate what Pierce did to Brea not knowing his side of the story – or Brea’s real side of events.

Note: This new series (next book coming in less than a month) can be enjoyed without previously reading Ms. Black’s Wicked or Devoted books, but it is so much juicier if you have read them.

This is the “how they fell in love” story between Pierce and Brea – they have a tumultuous first connection then he ends up in a Mexican cartel’s dungeon (an occupational hazard). Did not see that coming! The two get to know each other while she is nursing him back to health. They both travel this journey of exploring their hard-held ideas of love – Pierce never thought he would, and Brea figured she would marry some nice boring guy from church. It is very refreshing that Pierce never waivers in his pursuit/love of Brea – once he’s in, he is all in!

Brea’s best friend, Cutter (Pierce’s nemesis), is constantly blocking this relationship – not knowing the truth of their connection. Having read Devoted to Pleasure – you generally know the timeline and gist of this story – but the POVs from Pierce and Brea are so much deeper and more connected. In fact, Cutter is way more of a “misguided” nuisance than he came across in Devoted. (Got to remember we loved him with Shealyn and Brea was their “inconvenient” pest.)

Wicked As Sin is “edge of your seat” action-packed (One-Mile is a sniper for an ex-military personal protection company!) And we get all the fabulous steamy romance between these two “opposites-attract” characters. The cliff-hanger has me a little nervous – (I refused to read the excerpt for the next book included.) Which means the conclusion, Wicked Ever After, cannot come soon enough! We all know one big “reveal” that will be knocking Pierce off kilter – can’t wait!

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    It looks like an interesting read.

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