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Where Winter Finds You

February 4, 2020
Where Winter Finds You

Where Winter Finds You by J.R. Ward

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was entranced by the first chapter — and that wasn’t even about the main characters! JR Ward weaves a snowy Christmas near fatal accident and didn’t even name names! But you just knew who the “Angel” was that saved this mortal from being wiped out by a semi! Yay Lassiter!

OK — this book is for the BDB (Black Dagger Brotherhood #17.5) faithful, for sure. It is Trez’s second chance (reincarnated) love story. I know everyone is droning on about the “reincarnation” — blah, blah, blah. Don’t care — I adored this story!

Therese was introduced to us a book or two ago as a new waitress at iAm’s restaurant. She looks like Selena (Trez’s love lost to a tragic disease in The Shadows — BDB book #13) but she isn’t actually Selena/or could be? In any event, she has dreams of Trez — maybe Selena’s thoughts….– and he keeps popping into the restaurant to see her. She has run away from her hometown in Michigan (Ms Ward even gives a shout out to my Spartan’s Tom Izzo) when she finds out she’s adopted.

Trez is absolutely heart sick, ready to end it all, devastated from his Selena lost. He seems relegated to misery — then he meets this “familiar” female and is swept away with a whirlwind (this is a novella peeps) romance. Is his grief throwing him a delusion or is she the real thing? It’s is a paranormal romance so you never know — JR Ward wraps this up with her signature wit and throws in a few of the other Brothers (and Bitty) with some spoiler tidbits for future reference/past wrap up.

This Cadwell Chrismas card is a super quick read and a little “sweeter” than Ward’s usual drama/angst to give Trez and Therese their HEA. The teaser for Ward’s upcoming Sinner BDB #18) book is more Butch/Vishous than Jo/Syn but with a few new twists.

Part of a series: Black Dagger Brotherhood #17.5

JR Ward’s Savior & Blood Truth made my faves of 2019 :…

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