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Too Good to Be Real by Melonie Johnson

July 6, 2021
Too good to Be Real Book Cover

Too Good to Be Real by Melonie Johnson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Julia is an online journalist in pursuit of the article that will keep her in her job. She pitches this travel week to her boss as a way to secure her position as the company is getting ready for a round of layoffs. Dragging her besties, Kat and Andie along for comic relief, she goes undercover to review this new resort. The main action revolves around these unique rom-rom fantasy experiences that are set up for each attendee specifically. Our main characters Julia and Luke have a tumbling meet cute on the beach and the shenanigans that keep them together throughout the week are so much fun! All of the rom-com troupes are included in the game: elevator make out sessions, cosmo “Sex in the City” drinks, “Dirty Dancing” acrobatics, and a fake orgasm game ala “When Harry met Sally” that is just hilarious!

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Luke is our tall, geeky, game developer banking on a successful launch of this rom-com LARP experience to obtain a rich bonus ensuring that he can start a new gaming company. As he basically trips over Julia before the games begin, it is kind of a “love at first sight” connection that plunges him into the game instead of running the show. His sister Pen and best guyfriend Jay provide some romantic side action that he is completely oblivious to throughout the story. The tender backstory of their brother/sister relationship is also woven into the plot line.

As Julia and Luke tumble and fumble into each other during the week, the author really turns up the rom-com themes with all the characters. Of course, the underlying plot is that neither Julia nor Luke knows the undercover act they are each hiding while they get to know each other. And you just know that is going to blow up their love connection. The flamboyant resort owner, Mrs. Weatherfork and her horde of corgis has a fairy godmother vibe and is out to prove to her husband that romance is real and can happen anywhere with a little guidance.

Too Good to Be Real weaves refreshing, unique, and romantic escapades all through the book. This is my first Melonie Johnson read and she has such a witty writing style that keeps you hooked and wanting more. Bring this book to the beach and laugh along with all the cheesy rom-com tales you know and love!

I was provided an Advanced Reader copy of this book by NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press in exchange for an honest review.

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Too good to Be Real Book Cover
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