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There’s Something about Molly by Christina Hovland

September 28, 2021
book cover of There's Something about Molly

There’s Something About Molly by Christina Hovland

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I loved this story so much! Absolutely laugh out loud hilarious while all the feels for the budding romance. And the kiddos! So many kid funnies with skittles and quarters in all the wrong places and always at the most inconvenient times. Kind of an “enemies to lovers” meets “faked relationship” troupe.

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Molly is an online “dating advice” influencer and a reluctant matchmaker thru all her advice – and not a lot of her own actual experience in the dating pool. She always ends up setting up her new beau with someone she deems “better for him than her.” She is single mom of one darling 8-year-old Ollie. Our story starts out at Molly’s BFF’s wedding, and she ends up spending time with her BFF’s ex-husband, Gavin. She is NOT fond of him (even though he is super hot) because he wasn’t the best father figure after the divorce of her BFF Rachel. Oh, by the way, Rachel is marrying her ex-husband’s brother. Talk about complicated!

Gavin was my favorite surprise in this romcom. Hey, you are supposed to hate the big, bad ex-husband that was an absent dad in the past! Right from the first meet cute at the wedding, our author has written Gavin’s current relationship with his ex-wife as a very healthy co-parenting friend. In fact, he was in charge of their rowdy twin boys (and Molly’s Ollie) during the wedding and the duration of their honeymoon. He is also a fan of Molly’s online persona, having watched all her dating videos and taking her advice.

Forced proximity (kids playdates while Mom is on honeymoon) finds Molly and Gavin moving into a “fake dating” relationship. Enter Agnes, Molly’s spunky elderly neighbor. She is looking for a hook-up and engages Molly in her scheme. Which ultimately leads to the Molly and Gavin show. Literally an online matchmaking contest where these two yuck it up for more likes and a grand prize.

There’s Something About Molly is such a refreshing read as there are so many relatable situations and so many funny internal dialogs. POV from both Molly and Gavin is my absolute favorite as you get to know Gavin’s innocent motivations in getting to know Molly. He’s not the monster she is intent on avoiding. This story is the second book in Christina Hovland’s Mommy Wars series. It was such a fun read that I initially had no idea it was even part of a series – it’s that good as a standalone.

Thank you to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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book cover of There's Something about Molly
Mommy Wars book series
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