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The Warlord by Gena Showalter

June 12, 2021
The Warlord book in Daisies

The Warlord by Gena Showalter

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If you are a Gena Showalter Lords of the Underworld aficionado – The Warlord is a must read! I literally could not put this story down. Steamy sexy times all around as well – as much as a virgin wannabe Harpie General can get and still “try” to stay a virgin.

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Taliyah Skyhawk is our feisty, fierce, and fun harpie collecting her stars to achieve Harpie General that she was born and groomed to be. She quite honestly is the most badass heroine of Showalter’s assertive lady characters. (Although I am still partial to Torin’s Keeleycael as well.) All great gorgeous women who torment their guys before getting that HEA with their mate/consort in the end.

Roc is the Astra Commander that just invaded Harpina and took all of Taliyah’s harpie peeps’ hostage. That will make a girl mad, and so she marries him – still mad and just looking for a way to kill him and free her girls. Roc must marry a virgin and sacrifice her after 30 days to reach ascension. He is looking to ascend in order to finally live in peace – someday with his ultimate wife, his “gravita.”

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Taliyah and Roc have a 30 day clock ticking on their “get to know you” time. The beautiful Taliyah constantly surprises Roc leading to his ultimate respect and love. This requires him to figure out a loophole to get out of the sacrifice. Now, what to do to keep his darling “gravita” alive?

The Warlord has Showalter keeping us on the edge of our reading chairs all thru this book and it is glorious! We get some cameos from her Lords of the Underworld via Talihah’s sisters hubbies (Strider and Lysander) showing up to save their wives. A couple of Gods are manipulating the events and Hades even shows up too. (Totally can’t wait for Hades story – hopefully soon Gena!) Typical Showalter storytelling with battles, mouthy harpies, brooding males and some sexy shenanigans. You will absolutely fall in love with this paranormal romance – trust me the ending is a doozy!

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