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The Sinner by JR Ward

May 14, 2020
The Sinner by JR Ward

The Sinner (Black Dagger Brotherhood #18) by J.R. Ward

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The Sinner is JR Ward’s latest Black Dagger Brotherhood installment and it is another “page-turner, can’t put it down, OMG did not see that coming” extravaganza of paranormal drama (with a little romance on the side.) Having read the 500-page book in just two days, I loved it! Ward wrapped up a couple of main storyline questions then leaves us with a whole NEW villain and direction for the Brotherhood’s next adventures.

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SO – how to review this book without giving away all the surprises? First off, Jo and Syn are technically the main couple. (You know how this works in JR Ward world – there are several side stories that delve into other brother’s relationships/dramas while weaving in our current hero/heroine.) Jo Early is a reporter who has a side gig as a conspiracy blogger exposing “vampire sightings”. We learn early that Jo is close to transition (V is watching her) and she has a connection (potential sibling) to Manny via her adoption discovery.

Syn also has a side hustle as an assassin to the mob – not for money but to satisfy his bad alter ego “tahlman’s” thirst for a kill. When we met Syn in the last BDB Legacy book – Blood Truth – he was the villain thru most of that story. A horrible childhood, crap father, and a “sexual disfunction” really pile on the sad backstory for Syn. He goes from introverted/potentially self “sun-ending” pitiful to hot date material rather quickly. Guess those bonding spices overcome that surly vampire personality once he happens onto Jo Early.

The BDB side drama is Butch and V “bromance” getting the Brotherhood to the Dhestroyer Prophecy resolution. JR throws in a doozy of a twist on how the Omega actually gets “Dhestroyed”. The best part of this Omega ending is that we hopefully never have to waste side drama/valuable page time on the damned lessers! I was personally to the point of “skimming chapters” that included lesser POV in the last several books – No MORE Lessers – Thank the Scribe Virgin! And speaking of the SV – she makes a bit of a comeback in a couple of scenes. She redeemed herself in this book and dangles some upcoming events – hello sassy little sister! Her appearance in the last chapter with Wrath and his son is so heartwarming but feels more like a BDB major “conclusion” to me.

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Devina makes her official entrance/crossover from the Fallen Angel series. I must admit that this was not as “chaotic” as I envisioned her introduction to the brotherhood would be. Surely, she will be stirring some major shit (Vs. Lassiter) in the future and I am all for it! At one point, Butch was in her “home” and I was totally on the edge of my seat … screaming for him to LEAVE before she does something crazy! Well, now she is kind of a “frenemy”?

The Sinner is a sweeter and softer version of JR Ward’s storytelling. This book is the culmination of a few of the BDB Proper sub-plots and Ward drops various crumbs from new worlds/families for future books. I really enjoyed this book and cannot wait for the next installment/spin off in August – The Jackal.

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