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The Next Mrs Russo by Jana Aston

June 27, 2021
The Next Mrs Russo book cover

The Next Mrs Russo by Jana Aston

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Audrey has a vintage clothing boutique – which is the genius story line of this rom-com. She artfully takes old vintage designer pieces and up-scales them into more stylish outfits. Lots of shout-outs to our 80’s and 90’s clothing designing gods. “It’s the power of Chanel, I think. Chanel makes everything better.” Also, Audrey is legit crazy. Lots of the internal dialog revolves around her alpha cat Gary and his issues, even a hilarious zoom call to a pet psychic. Crush and a little crazy is the perfect combination for all of Aston’s heroines – and a hottie in the perfect tailored suit doesn’t hurt either.

Kiss quote from The Next Mrs Russo

Warren is you guessed it – the Governor of New York – and the governor’s mansion just happens to be across the street from Audrey’s boutique. His mom pops into Audrey’s store looking for a dress and has a “very good feeling” that Ms Audrey could be the Next Mrs Russo. Mom tricks Audrey and Warren into that first date and it’s a launch that clicks into a “fake dating/forced proximity” troupe that really gets the party rolling.

“We came to an agreement a little more elaborate that this dress. So here I am, prostituting myself for fashion.”

Jana Aston, The Next Mrs Russo

Throughout the fake dating, you find Warren warming up to Audrey’s antics as he recognizes her incredible designing skills and her true selflessness. Que up some sexy times and we have a “real” dating situation. Of course, Audrey’s worked up a “dark past” issue that has her mind made up that she is not potential political girlfriend material.

Cupcake Quote from The Next Mrs Russo

The cast of side characters are charming and hilarious. Miller is Audrey’s unpaid teenage assistant, and he constantly steals the scene brilliantly. Bethany is Warren’s teenage daughter, and she immediately adores Audrey! Which I think seals the deal for Warren about Audrey. “Kids these days, am I right?”

Jana Aston is a delightful little minx! We know that Ms Aston crushed on a certain governor all over her Instagram last year and what a perfect way to channel all that crushing! The Next Mrs Russo is another smash hit by our lovely authorette. I read this in one day and all the LOL one-liners are so worth the cost of this book! Grab some cupcakes and binge on this yummy romance.

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The Next Mrs Russo book cover
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