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The Friend Zone

February 24, 2020
The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez

The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Absolutely loved this love story! Kristen is a snarky smart woman who has been told she needs a hysterectomy at the age of 30-something. Josh is a firefighter who is looking for the right gal to have LOTS of kids with. A fender bender has them meeting and then by happenstance Josh is BFF with her BFF’s fiance’. It was refreshing to have Josh genuinely LIKE Kristen from the beginning and the fact that he kept it consistently throughout the whole book. Our author Abby needed to have Josh super invested in that relationship and his just say “OKAY” worked perfectly in the end.

Kristen’s angst about her medical issue did get a little stressful for me as a reader – I was yelling just “TELL HIM” mid-way through but I understand that was needed to keep the story going and made the ending and Josh’s reaction so sweet. 

The secondary characters were super funny. Shawn (another firefighter) is a jerk – but he has some of the best lines at the most appropriate times in the book. Dick-Jars, Leggings don’t lie, Hoodies on loan – So Good! Kristen’s puppy Stuntman Mike’s pithy dog shirt logos were hilarious like “DOGFATHER”.

–Alert– there is a sad sequence that is pretty gut-wrenching – like ugly crying sad but it actually lends to the story and will end up in the next book from Jimenez – The Happy Ever After Playlist.

Our heroine Kristen’s “female” medical issue will resonate with lots of women. I personally went thru the exact same issue only later in life. It is a relatable condition that female readers will completely understand. The HEA was tied up in a little bow that may have been a “tad” unbelievable — but it’s a ROMANCE and I loved it!

I was given The Friend Zone ARC from Estelle at while I was attending the Apollycon event in March, 2019. This is my honest review.

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