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The Fall of Legend

February 4, 2020
Meghan March the fall of legend

By Meghan March

The Fall of Legend by Meghan March

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ms. March does it again….and again…and again and I am completely in love with Gabriel Legend!

The Fall of Legend is the first book in her new Legend Trilogy. This book basically lays out the groundwork (back stories, peripheral characters, etc.) revolving around our dynamic couple Gabriel Legend and Scarlett Priest. This is the CHASE! Legend is an ex-MMA Fighter now club owner and Scarlett is a wealthy debutante stuck in a shitty relationship. You are riveted to the couple getting to know each other and just know that their connection will be combustion after she dumps her deadbeat.

I love Scarlett’s company concept Curated (curating unique pieces of furniture and baubles that can be purchased for the home or for social media presentation) – what a great idea! Her current beau is a jerk working for her dad’s company and basically using her to get a piece of the company. Daddy loves him more than her – creating a major daddy issue for our heroine. Gabe retains her “services” as a social media influencer to help save his club in an “unconventional” manner – but she takes on the challenge wholeheartedly.

As you read thru the story, there are additional characters being mentioned that you just know are going to show up and blow the relationship apart in the next two books. However, Ms. March kicks us into that explosion without anyone’s help. UGH! As is our author’s way – we end up with a cliffhanger – just more frustrating after such a good “bond” forms between these two strong personalities.

On to book two – “The House of Scarlett” – I just know this one will kick my butt even more, but I am a glutton for Meghan March’s books!

Part of a series: Legend Trilogy — #1

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