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The Damaged by Tijan

February 8, 2022
The Damaged book cover

The Damaged by Tijan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This second book picks up where The Insiders left off – so that is a must read to get back into this story. I am usually a big fan of the middle story in a planned group of three – you get a lot of the love and “get to know you” relationship building between the two main characters. Kash and Bailey. And we get Bailey’s newfound family ties – Team Batt! Bailey and her brother Matt do some bonding. But his friends are exhausting!

While I would have loved this just being all about Kash and Bailey – Kash seems to be deep into his business and travels, so we miss him. Although he does seem to show up when things start going crazy for Bailey. A little too much college drama, but the pieces do start to click together as Bailey is a super genius and wades thru the mean girl bullyness mostly unharmed.

As with any romantic suspense, the last few chapters are literally roller-coaster dramatic and end with one heck of a bang. Oh yes, and Tijan teases a new sibling at the end? That is a cliff hanger I can’t wait to see pan out and I am sure it will be fabulous!

I was given this ARC from the author, publisher and NetGalley for an honest review.

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The Damaged book cover
The Insiders book cover
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