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The Bachelor on the Shelf by Jana Aston

November 22, 2021
The Bachelor on the Shelf book cover

The Bachelor on the Shelf by Jana Aston

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The Bachelor on the Shelf is my favorite episode of the three Reindeer Falls novellas. This installment wraps up the year’s holiday trilogy by Jana Aston and it is just so much over the top festive merriment – with a side of naughty!

mittens and book quote from The Bachelor on the Shelf

Lexi the Librarian is our heroine, and she has been pining away for one Carter Sheppard since they were in high school. He shows up to collect his uncle’s dog Rudy and Lexi is all out of sorts that Carter won’t be a reliable dog dad. Carter travels a lot as a pro baseball player – and he also seems to be spending some time as a bit of a “Player” as well. Having found himself in a social media sex scandal, he is looking to clean up his image to land this major sports endorsement deal. Lexi just wants Rudy back.

Carter ends up back in his hometown to lay low and collect his late Uncle Joe’s dog. His brothers inherited the house and the farm and all he gets is this “used” dog. Little does he know that the dog comes with one very sexy librarian as its guardian. He hatches a plan to distract the sports world from the scandal by getting “fake” engaged to this wholesome little sprite. While on various dating adventures around Reindeer Falls, he finds that they have some fantastic chemistry together. We get hints that he may be planning more of a future with this sexy elf, but Lexi thinks he is planning to get back to his player ways with someone else.

The Bachelor on the Shelf book quote

Lexi is perplexed that Carter picked her instead of one of his “Shepphoe” groupies – reminding him that he is really the most “eligible bachelor on the shelf”. She strikes up a deal in exchange for participation in his engagement charade. And participate she does – as lots of sexy hilarity ensues. Our Lexi is a “good girl” who secretly wants to be a “bad girl” in the romance department. She tries several attempts at surprising Carter with some curious lingerie picks – and ends up comedic relief instead. It’s all good as Carter falls for Lexi and the dog that brought her to him.

The Bachelor on the Shelf wraps up the hilarious Reindeer Falls series with a nice tidy bow and a bonus epilogue that revisits all the couples in the three novellas. Jana Aston has a way with funny one-liners, sexy shenanigans, and just all-around romantic silliness. This series will absolutely get you in the Christmas mood with a good dose of LOL moments in the snow. Merry Christmas!

I received an ARC from the author and publisher Candi Kane PR in exchange for my honest review.

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The Bachelor on the Shelf book cover
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