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Rising by Laurelin Paige

June 1, 2020

Rising (Slay Quartet #4) by Laurelin Paige

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This series is why I absolutely adore Laurelin Paige and everything she writes! Celia was the villain throughout the Hudson Fixed chronicles. I hated her and cringed every single time she graced a scene as good storytelling should make you do. By the ending of the first book in this Slay (four part) series – I was cautiously a Celia fan and cursed the evil Edward. Now with the conclusion of the series in Rising — Celia is a redeemed goddess! We are also now Team Edward as well.

Rising is primarily centered around Celia’s pregnancy and Edward’s need to find out her final secret (Hudson is “A” for those in the know). Things get a little heated as Edward is so intent on avenging Celia’s past that he is jeopardizing his future with his new family. This story is happening in New York and Hudson is frequently a part of the drama. What could go wrong once Edward finds out who “A” is? When the darling Cleo is born, we start to see a softer Edward and a fiercely protective Celia.

Rising by Laurelin Paige

Paige offers Celia’s “other side of the story” from the Hudson/Fixed on You series. Her books Fixed Forever and Chandler (with Edward’s daughter Genevieve) storylines coincide with this conclusion. In fact, I am going to re-read both of those to get a new perspective with this insight as well. Do not get me wrong – Celia “was” the baddie in the original Hudson series – she has just been rehabilitated ala “Rising as a phoenix from the ashes” in Slay.

The Slay Quartet is such an epic ride of emotions, intrigue, beautiful locales, and one powerful love story. This conclusion in Rising wraps quite a bit up in a nice pretty bow – with one little teaser for the future. The epilogue. Edward and Camila share some intimate sibling time…..but we are never privy to who Camila is attached to? This leaves the door open and I love it!

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