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Reindeer Falls Collection

February 10, 2020

The Reindeer Falls Collection by Jana Aston

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Jana Aston’s fun Christmas novella set “The Reindeer Falls Collection” is a perfect holiday weekend. Ms. Aston is always a hilarious, romantic ride whenever she blesses us with a new book(s). These are just wonderful, and I loved each one! The three separate novellas revolve around three sisters – Holly, Ginger and Noel. Yes, all Christmas themed heroines with a last name of ……. Winter.

First up “The Boss who Stole Christmas” is about Holly and boss Nick Saint-Croix (get it — St. Nic–Hah!). They end up on a business trip to a Christmas Market in Germany for research into their toy company and Christmas café they are about to open in Reindeer Falls, Michigan. Holly frets over her “Grinchy” boss which, of course, she ends up in love! Nick is a smooth CEO of her dream company and is quite taken with Holly from the beginning. They have a romantic romp in Germany and come home blissfully in love. This is a short, sweet story and sets up the next two books about the other sisters.

Next is Ginger’s “If you Give a Jerk a Gingerbread”. This one revolves around a Food Network “Gingerbread Bake Off” which pits Ginger against a gorgeous British baker Keller for a $10,000” prize. Witty banter between the two is completely charming and, of course, Ms. Aston’s humor throughout. They bake their way to the finals and neither wins the prize – but a sweet twist to Keller’s Gingersnap final project completes the romantic HEA.

The final installment is “The One Night Stand before Christmas” which is Noel and Teddy’s story. He shows up at Noel’s community center Santa meet and greet. She mistakenly thinks he is her hired Santa and he just goes along for fun. She ends up bringing him home and they both fall for each other. Ultimately it was a match-making twist for a couple of couples and Jana nails it with her typical hilariously good times.

All three novellas have delightful story lines and super sweet character development with three different troupes. Jana always weaves her funny outlook and pithy comments throughout the series and it is just awesome! They are all interwoven and on the same timeline – so really should be read in order. AND they are FREE on Kindle Unlimited now so you have NO excuse not to get these for a perfect holiday binge-read. Merry Christmas – Thanks Jana Darling!

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