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Ravaged with You by J Kenner

September 14, 2021
Ravaged with You book cover

Ravaged With You by J Kenner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This contemporary romance revolves around three best friends who own a local brewery. Charlie “Red” Cooper is a former special forces agent who had a traumatic past and finds his partner and best friend Mel’s suicide “Sorry” beside his drowned body in a beer vat. The third bestie is Jo who just happens to be Mel’s new widow. As she is thrown by the suicide, she was already done with the marriage. While really pining for the other bestie – Red.

As they are trying to accommodate the demands of the mysterious texting killers, Red finds that he needs to protect Jo. He has always wanted her, but while in the service, his absence created the relationship between Mel and Jo. So this is kind of a love triangle and with one of the three gone, this creates a forced proximity between Jo and Red to cultivate their secret pining for each other.

Raved with You Book Cover

Red is haunted by a previous mission that resulted in his being held hostage for over a year. What transpires is a crazy twisting suspense that finds Red facing past villains while trying to keep Jo safe. We see some of our friends from the Stark Security group including the gorgeous Damien and his adorable wife Nikki. A lot of the social interaction revolves around Red’s brother Renly and Abby’s wedding from J Kenner’s Memories of You. Kenner also sprinkled some Devlin (Fallen Saint series) teasers with the newest Stark recruit, Simon.

Ravaged with You is a dramatic romantic suspense with several surprises in the ending. J Kenner is so good at setting up the couple’s attraction and always some serious sexy times. Even though this book is part of the Stark Security series, it is totally readable as a standalone.

I was provided an ARC from the author for my honest opinion.

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Ravaged with You book cover
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