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Priceless by Raine Miller

January 1, 2021
Priceless by Raine Miller

Priceless (Rothvale Legacy #1) by Raine Miller

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Ivan Everly (Lord Rothvale) is our hot, alpha Baron dissatisfied with his semi-aristocratic fame and all the disloyalty that comes with trying to find a suitable girlfriend. He is filthy wealthy and is sick of women only wanting his money, title, or a chance at a slice of his infamy. He sets up his dates thru an escort service. Which by a happenstance of mistaken identity, he ends up in a closet with our darling Gaby at the Mallerton gala in London. A couple of fireworks between the two then a bomb threat interruption splits them up into opposite directions – without exchanging REAL names. (This is a scene that coincides with the Blackstone Affair book “All In” where Ethan and Brynne run into their own exploding issues – another must read Miller series.) So enthralled with his mystery date – Ivan begins the search to find her with no luck.

Priceless by Raine Miller

Gabrielle is an Art student in London – uniquely specializing in painting restoration and artist authentication. Ivan needs a specialist to catalog all the old paintings laying around his estate. He arranges for a random art student (he assumes a male) to come to his Donadea estate in Ireland to do the work. Gaby shows up, they recognize each other, and he is a complete dick to her. Thank God for Finnegan (my fave English Butler). Gaby escapes back to London in tears and a fever.

The rest of the book is Ivan chasing Gaby around the Blackstone Wedding and eventually into his bed – and there are some sweet sexy times along the way, but you need to read them for yourself! They both have trust issues from the past that I am assuming will rear their ugly heads in the next installment.

Priceless by Raine Miller

I just had to re-read Priceless in anticipation of Raine Miller’s upcoming sequel in the duet – My Lord. Oh, am I glad that I did! RM is a fabulous storyteller and when Priceless was published (yes, 6 years ago) I gobbled it up in all its Blackstone Affair goodness! This is an absolute must-read and one of my all-time favorite stories from Raine. I was distraught that we have had to wait so long for the next installment – but we are almost there – My Lord drops next week!

Extra tid-bit: Raine’s Rothvale historical series also ties into this story. The Muse is the story of Graham and Imogene Everly – Ivan’s ancestral title bearer. That romance revolves around several of the paintings mentioned in Priceless. In fact, the Epilogue of The Muse is all about the auction of the T. Mallerton paintings in present day – with mini “Easter Egg” descriptions of the models of the paintings. Ties everything together in a nice little bow – once we get our hands on “My Lord”!

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Priceless by Raine Miller

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