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One Night with a Nutcracker by Jana Aston

November 15, 2021

One Night with a Nutcracker (Reindeer Falls #5) by Jana Aston

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Peace, Love and Goats! One Night with a Nutcracker is another laugh out loud Jana Aston sexy novella, continuing on her holiday Reindeer Falls series. This story involves the second Sheppard brother Jake and Sutton, a happy-go-lucky, goat farming, soap making squatter. Squatting on Jake’s recently inherited farm he’d intended to turn into a golf course. And there are goats – cute, sassily named and they steal the show.

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Sutton is just minding her goat farming business making her goat milk soaps that are popular in Reindeer Falls. She is also living this life on some abandoned land she found with a rundown barn for her goats. She even won an Airstream trailer in a poker game and fixed it up to live in. Again, living on land that she has no idea who owns it. Along comes this hot lawyer, Jake, to kick her off his land. Who does that right before Christmas? And now where would Sutton relocate her goats?

Jake is only in his hometown to check out this acreage his Uncle Joe left him, survey it for the golf course, and get back to the big city. He has no idea how to get this gorgeous Sutton, living in a trailer on his newly acquired property, off the farm. After he meets her, Jake changes his tune and is into getting to know Sutton. Some sexy shenanigans ensue – a minor misunderstanding blows up — and he then falls for Sutton AND her goats.

book quote from One Night with a Nutcracker

One Night with a Nutcracker is a funny holiday romp around Reindeer Falls. As usual for Aston, the fling is over the top and outrageous in the Christmas themed extreme. But we are here for it and the instalove novella style! Sutton and Jake’s romance co-mingles with the other two novellas in this series and their heroines Maggie and Lexi. Aston throws out some tidbits on Lexi and Carter’s next story and that should be a hoot as well. Cuddle up with some hot cocoa in front of a warm fire and enjoy this hilariously sexy story.

This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for my honest review.

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