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Never a Duke by Grace Burrowes

April 26, 2022
Never a Duke book cover

Never a Duke by Grace Burrowes

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Ned has been a part of the Wentworth ducal family since saving said Duke from prison and the gallows. They have adopted him, and all the family members have provided unconditional support. He is basically running the family’s bank and has made a name for himself and accumulated a great deal of wealth on his own. Not really interested in settling down relationship wise, he is intrigued when Lady Rosalind seeks him out to find her missing maids.

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Lady Rosalind Kinwood needs assistance finding a couple of her maids that have recently disappeared. Everyone around her is giving excuses such as “maybe they just fell in love and took off with their new gentlemen.” But she just knows something is wrong as they both just dropped off the face of the earth without any of their personal belongings. She seeks out Ned Wentworth to help uncover the truth and find these young women. Having had a tough upbringing, Ned has some unique nefarious contacts in the underbelly of the city’s docks and brothels.

While working together to uncover these abductions, they both grow very fond of each other. Rosalind stealthily deals with her conniving father and older brothers to sneak in walks and talks with Ned. They are trying to hook her up with more “suitable” marriage material — basically old ugly guys with money to help the family’s failing fortune. Some major drama and lost family surprises round out our HEA.

Never a Duke is a bit more suspenseful and a little less sexy than the previous Rouges to Riches stories. But our author Grace Burrows writes the most delightful witty dialogue with that historically romantic style. The conversations between our hero and heroine are sharp, smart and sweet. As I said when I reviewed Burrowes’ How to Catch a Duke – “This author is so good at providing a world of family loyalty with humorous, complex, and smart characters that keeps you not wanting the story to end. Bravo Ms. Burrowes!”

I was given an ARC of this story by the publisher and NetGalley for an honest review.

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Never a Duke book cover
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