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My Cruel Salvation by J Kenner

May 29, 2021
book cover of My Cruel Salvation

My Cruel Salvation (Fallen Saint #3) by J. Kenner

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hello again, Devlin Saint – you swoon worthy hot alpha hero!

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Devlin and Ellie pick up after the cliff hanger ending of My Beautiful Sin. Most of this story revolves around finding out who leaked the bombshell exposing Devlin’s true identity as Alex Leto, son of the infamous bad guy Wolf. That unveiling results in a few of Devlin’s close associations being murdered in a revenge plot against him. While he and wing-man Ronan are investigating various leads, they come across a pretty significant betrayal from within. Their betrayer is somewhat redeemed in the end but does not survive to make it into the next book.

Ellie is just in love with Devlin throughout the whole book. There are no “drama breakups” or second guessing her love for him. She has even accepted Devlin’s side gig “Saint’s Angels”. This is a group of highly skilled assassins who rid the world of killers, human traffickers, etc. – vigilante-style. Lamar is Ellie’s best cop friend and after a devastating loss for him – he joins forces with Devlin to “find” the baddies. Not sure if Lamar is aware of Devlin’s angel program – but he does seem to turn a blind eye as they accomplish what the cops cannot. Maybe he would be a good recruit for an “angel” in the next book series?

book quote from My Cruel Salvation

My Cruel Salvation is everything I love about a J Kenner romance here – including an appearance from our gorgeous love, Damien Stark. She brings us a hot billionaire, a smart and sassy heroine, a dramatic kidnapping saga, and some seriously sexy times! My Cruel Salvation completes the Fallen Saint series by J Kenner. And Oh, what a twisty and suspenseful conclusion that romance winds. Of course, in true Kenner style, she teases her next adventure with Ronan and Brandy in Sinner’s Game and we will be here for it!

I received an advance copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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book cover of My Cruel Salvation
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