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My Beautiful Sin by J Kenner

January 27, 2021
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My Beautiful Sin (Fallen Saint Series #2) by J. Kenner

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The very first chapter finds us with Devlin Saint’s POV – Swoon!

“The same woman who, through some miracle he didn’t deserve, was now curled up beside him, her soft skin teasing his senses as his mind struggled to believe that she was his again after all this time.”

J Kenner, My Beautiful Sin

The first book, “My Fallen Saint”, was the chase for his obsession Ellie Homes. This installment is the love story with lots of couple time and some crazy angst. Devlin feels he is protecting El by guarding his secrets.

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Devlin’s secrets start being revealed and they really screw with Ellie’s head, endangering their relationship and questioning her moral cop compass. Ellie endlessly pursues leads on her Uncle Peter’s sinister circle of contacts with lots of dead ends – and one even ends up dead. Ellie depends on her close-knit friends to get her thru the rough spots. We get more insights into each of her besties – Brandy and Lamar – along with their respective love interests. Potential spin-off stories in the future? I would take some hottie Lamar goodness for sure!

The threatening texting shenanigans continue throughout the book. A surprise baddie goes down in the end. Although, I am not really sure if this was the dastardly texter because the ending throws out another major whammy to the couple. In fact, I was thinking our authorette Ms. Kenner was getting a little soft until the last few chapters. Yep, she upended our story and dropped us over a cliff – literally.

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My Beautiful Sin” is another sexy, suspenseful romantic adventure from J Kenner. Are all of Devlin’s secrets revealed? Probably not, but our Ellie treasures his heart over his profession. Now, how in the hell does Kenner fix the red-carpet ambush that sucker punched our couple in the epilogue? Can’t wait to find out in her conclusion to the series “My Cruel Salvation”?

I received an advance copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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