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Misadventures in Blue

February 10, 2020
Misadventures in Blue

Misadventures in Blue by Sierra Simone

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sat down with this book for a leisurely Sunday read – knowing my darling Ms. Simone would write a fluffy romance about being in love with a HOT police officer…..HAH! Sierra’s books are anything but “fluffy”. She has a dramatic writing style and a fabulous vocabulary. She rocked this “easy afternoon read” into a deep, thought-provoking, sexy “age gap” romance that keeps you cuffed to the book til the end!

Cat is our mid-thirties, strong and successful detective heroine in a suburban police department. Dubbed the “Ice Queen” – she’s OK with that as it was brought about thru her lost fiancée’s tragedy that is no business of anyone else. Jace is the “Hot Cop” who is fresh off a stint in the military and looking to settle down in his hometown. He is a pretty mature twenty-something and has an instant appreciation for exploring a more permanent relationship with our Cat.

Right off the bat, Ms. Simone puts them in a pretty explosive relationship – no waiting until the 2/3 mark of the book for this author! Cat does have that internal angst with dating this young “rookie” and wants him to explore other younger options so he doesn’t miss out, etc. He’s not having any of that – so he bides his time. Misadventures in Blue contains some police/detective drama that puts the two in some potentially dangerous situations, but the main focus is our heroine overcoming this cougar/young stud dynamic. Eventually this relationship grows to love on both sides – and our dramatic HEA is perfection.

Sierra Simone is one of my must-reads every time she comes out with a new story. Her Misadventure books (Misadventures of a Curvy Girl and Misadventures with a Professor) have all been hits on my list.

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