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Memories of You by J Kenner

June 8, 2021
Memories of You Book Cover

Memories of You by J. Kenner

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What a fabulous “friends to lovers” novella to treat yourself to on a lazy summer day. J Kenner throws us a steamy action-packed snack for the Stark world romance readers. If you are an avid Stark aficionado this will not disappoint.

This story is really kind of a “second chance” troupe as well. Both our lead characters pined for each other when they were in high school. A parental divorce leads Renly (former Navy Seal and new recruit to Stark Security) into a forced move across the country away from Abby (his bestie and secret crush) in high school. 10 years later, she’s partnered with Nikki Stark and happenstance ends up drawing Renly to the scene of her “stalker” issue and they reconnect. And “reconnect” they do.

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Abby has a heavy breathing stalker and Renly is just the security guy to protect her. As proximity often does, they can’t keep their hands off each other – even though she is a “relationship chick” and he is more of a “friends with benefits guy.” As the stalker drama significantly escalates, Renly suddenly realizes that he cannot live without her during the final action scene. All of our Stark Security heroes pitch in to solve the stalker situation in the end. And as usual, Ms. Jenner throws us some yummy Damien Stark into the mix as well.

Memories of You is a quick, sweet romance with a little action on the side. I definitely recommend this taste of the Stark world – and you will really want to go back and read about all these Stark Security hotties in the series.

I received this ARC from the author for an honest review.

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Memories of You Book Cover
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