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Mansplainer by Avery Flynn

July 6, 2022
Mansplainer Cover

Mansplainer by Avery Flynn

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Avery Flynn is my go-to gal for hilarious sexy rom-coms! Mansplainer is all about the plus-sized cougar gets the gorgeous young billionaire hottie and I am here for it! Nash Beckett is the last man standing in the three cousin’s quest for the last Christmas gift from Granny. Dixon and Griff both fell to their true loves in the first two books of the series, so Nash thinks he has it in the bag. Just arrange a marriage, get thru the six online dates with the new fake wifey, NOT fall in love and win the prize.

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Chelle needs to get married. Not because she wants to, but because her old-fashioned father dictated it for her in his will. She will lose control of the family’s foundation to her cranky nemesis uncle if she isn’t married by Christmas. Enter Nash’s meddling psychic mother. She happens upon a disheveled Chelle in the dog park and tells her that her son will have the solution to Chelle’s situation. Because Nash always knows what to do and how to “mansplain” it.

Nash and Chelle decide to tie the knot temporarily. But she is only in it if she can assist him in getting over his mansplaining ways. You know how it goes – forced proximity gets them close in more ways than one. Immediately, Nash decides that he wants to seduce his gorgeous yet short-term wife. Let the sexy times begin – because they just want to “scratch that itch” to get it out of their system. Right.

Mansplainer is set in Harbor City, which is the world that Flynn has created for many of her stories. So, she has some cameos with previous couples and mentions from her Ice Knights series. Also, her other Harbor City series, The Hartigans are ton of fun sexiness and hilariousness if you want to LOL. While this is the final book in Avery’s Last Man Standing series, this is totally worthy as a standalone story.

I was provided an ARC in exchange for an honest review from Entangled Publishing and NetGalley.

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Mansplainer Cover
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