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Make a Wish by Helena Hunting

January 26, 2023
Make a Wish by Helena Hunting

Make a Wish by Helena Hunting

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Helena Hunting has hit it up to the sky with Make a Wish. Her stories are always filled with light-hearted, funny banter and some serious sexy times. This second- chance, single parent romance will have you laughing at the adorable daughter, loving the super-hot dad and cheering for our glitter goddess heroine.

Harley is working with her sisters at the boutique event hotel, Spark House. She is struggling with all the new opportunities that Spark House is pursuing, while trying to find her “fit” in with all the growth they are experiencing. Her specialty is the hotel’s social media and planning birthday parties. While hosting a 9-year old’s princess’s party, she comes face to face with Gavin (attending with his daughter Peyton) which revisits the most embarrassing moment of her life. 7 years ago, while she was Peyton’s nanny, she tried to kiss her boss (Gavin).

Gavin is a single dad to Peyton. His wife died during childbirth, and he has made it his life’s mission to be the best father he can be. His recollection of Harley is that she was an angel that saved him during the hardest time of his life. She was nanny to Peyton for the first 2 years of her life. It was devasting to Harley when Gavin and Peyton decided to move away so that Peyton could spend time with his in-laws.

Peyton immediately attaches back to Harley and thus begins weekly “lunches” for the three of them. Starts off innocent, then both Gavin and Harley get on with the flirting game. There is a bit of an age gap (9 years) that pops up as an issue to others in the story. Namely the nemesis mother-in-law, Karen, and she certainly works the “Karen-vibe” on Harley. The crazy MIL gets put in her place by Gavin (finally) after a pretty serious break-up. Harley was competing with the ghost of Peyton’s mother and put an ultimatum on the relationship that split them up for a bit. But no worries, Gavin and Harley get their HEA along with the charming Peyton.

Make a Wish is the conclusion of Hunting’s Spark House series, but it totally readable as a standalone. We do see lots of interaction with her sisters Avery and London and their families along with some new babies in the family. And the Epilogue! I dare you to not get through it without the happiest of tears! It was such the perfect ending to this heartwarming story.

I received this ARC from the author, publisher (St. Martin’s Press) and Netgalley for an honest review.

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