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Maggie Finds Her Muse by Dee Ernst

April 20, 2021
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Maggie Finds Her Muse by Dee Ernst

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Mid-Life Goddess adventurers! What a fabulous romantic travel and recipe guide across France! Beautiful Paris locales and a hot Frenchman – Yum! And chocolate, cheese and wine and did I mention the sexy Frenchman! Maggie Bliss is a writer with a major case of writer’s block as she deals with the perils of midlife as well. She dumps the dead weight of her current aloof alpha boyfriend and is off to Paris to find her inspiration ala’ a gorgeous French “roommate” soaking in her bathtub one evening. She is convinced that she will find enlightenment for her book by basking in all that is Paris. Then her muse shows up in the adorable and intellectually stimulating Max.

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Maggie’s agent Lee and his husband Martin invite her to their fabulous apartment in Paris for a few months to focus on her writing. She is fretting the looming deadline for her third book in a series that promises to let her achieve financial freedom in the shape of the beach house of her dreams. She just needs to write the damned book! Her only daughter Nicole is also living in France with her live-in beau Louis. Oh yeah – her ex-husband Alan also is in town, so it is somewhat of a family vacation. Alan has his eyes set on rekindling their romance, but Max is just too much to resist.

As a reader we are treated to all that is marvelous about Paris – the sights, the food, the WINE! I am actually cataloging all of the fabulous foods and gardens and museums for when I can check Paris off of my bucket list. This book is genuinely a scenic tour guide for what to see in this legendary city. The characters are all so sophisticated – as I assume Parisians are naturally. The romance takes center stage once a lot of the secondary characters head back to the states. And the sparks and “the great misunderstanding” take over the story. Don’t forget the fun friends from home who are constantly swooning for updates on the Parisian Man situation.

This is my first read from our lovely author Dee Ernst and I will definitely be picking up some of her other works. Her writing style is funny, witty, and well-written with a midlife view that doesn’t bemoan all the angst of our medical aging drama. Maggie Finds her Muse is a festive romp thru Paris with an adorable tour guide that will warm your soul.

I was given this ARC in exchange for an honest review from the author, publisher and NetGalley for an honest review.

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