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Love Out Loud by Marissa Clarke

June 13, 2022
Love Out Loud by Marissa Clarke

Love Out Loud by Marissa Clarke

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Fiona is an award-winning veterinarian who is somewhat of an introverted mess personally. She is much more comfortable talking to her pet patients directly than to their owners. While daydreaming about the gorgeous guy in her building as he walks by, she inadvertently gets them both stuck in the building’s revolving front door. It is the perfect “meet cute” with a side of embarrassment compliments of the curiously shaped toy, Sir Squashalot. Coincidentally the same day, Fiona ends up as the new client “challenge” for that very one hot neighbor.

Book Quote with Puppy

Jake is a public speaking coach, who also happens to be deathly afraid of dogs. He has noticed the cute chick checking him out in their lobby, but usually avoids her at all costs due to her two bitty pups. An important client refers Fiona to Jake. He has no choice but to take on the task and get Fiona in top speech shape for an award she will be receiving. He begins to find out that Fiona is much more than his referral client’s pet project. And here is the “BUT” – Fiona is off-limits as one of his new clients. No mixing business and personal, blah, blah, blah.

Fiona’s first relationship rule – “must love animals”. Right out of the gates, Jake busts that rule with his fear of dogs. As they start spending time together “working” on her speech, she moves him into her comfort zone. Jake starts challenging himself confronting his childhood fear of dogs. Cozying right up to Fiona’s two Cairn Terriers, Otto and Daisy. An ensuing research subject drama splits up our couple, but they find each other in the end with a perfectly spoken HEA. “How could they not?”

Love Out Loud is truly a LOL worthy read. It is the third installment of our authorette Ms. Clarke’s Animal Attraction series. I didn’t even know it was part of a series, it was that good as a standalone. You will absolutely love this cute and sexy story for your upcoming beach reading.

I received this ARC from Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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Love Out Loud by Marissa Clarke
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