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It’s Raining Men by Julie Hammerle

August 14, 2021
It's Raining Men Book

It’s Raining Men by Julie Hammerle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s Raining Men is a sweet, light-hearted rom-com that my Mid-Life Goddesses will totally adore. Our almost 40 year old Annie is an assertive, career-driven heroine who doesn’t need a man. She has her besties and a successful concierge medical practice catering to the rich and famous of Chicago. One by one her darling girlfriends are falling to the fate of marital bliss. Her roommate announces her engagement and Annie tucks up to the bar for some tequila shots then drunkenly sends out a text to 39 of her male contacts looking for marriage. Talk about a morning after “text of shame”.

Well, two of the 39 men respond with a “let’s do this!” and thus begins a dating adventure with both gentleman who could not be more opposite. Robert is literally the “boy next door” to her childhood home, he also has an “in” with Annie’s mother for rallying support. Darius is the outgoing popular news anchor who can get her into all the high profile restaurants and nightclubs around Chicago – via the VIP line.

Oh, but there is one more man who actually witnessed the drunken evening of texting while trying to tell her it was a bad idea. Dax is your gorgeous, tattooed, 27 year old starving musician by day and attentive bartender by night. While newly divorced, he finds himself and his precious pup Joanne (such a lovely doggie!) in desperate need of a place to stay. Queue the forced proximity troupe that I am absolutely here for along with some major Cougar vibe!

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There are trivia bar game shenanigans with Annie’s newly mated girl group, Yessi and Kelly, that provide some comedic relief and a dose of bitchy bridezilla mania. All of the characters were charmingly well-written and easy to relate to in your own circle of gal-friends. While Annie is on the clock 24/7 with her high-profile clients, she does find some work/life balance in the end. Which was really what I was screaming for from the beginning.

It’s Raining Men will make for a delightful afternoon read to take your mind off the fact that we are actually heading into the rainy season at summer’s end. I truly understood and related to our
“approaching mid-life” heroine’s grappling with choosing to prioritize her career for so long – and she get’s her HEA and it is so sweet.

I was provided an ARC from the author, NetGalley and Entangled Publishing for an honest review.

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