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Interview with the Billionaire by J Kenner

February 14, 2023
Interview with the Billionaire book cover

Interview with the Billionaire by J. Kenner (Stark Saga – Book 8)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Interview with the Billionaire is for the Stark junkies out there for sure! Damien’s POV and oh the feels!!!! When he is journaling in his childhood – it just grips you and gives us a look at those emotions of his abuse from that nasty dad and coach. Totally read through some ugly crying tears.

As for the gist of the book – the family is sitting for an interview (obviously via the title). Ms. Jenner always throws a little drama via our interviewer “Maggie Bridge” AKA “Magdalena Spicer” AKA “Lena”. I got a total split personality vibe from this chick from the beginning. She is one of the many past ladies in Damien’s life who borders on “stalkerish” from the start.

Oh and we gets some juicy tidbits from the Stark circle of friends and family as well. A little Jackson and Sylvia, Ryan and Jamie, and my fave – Evelyn! This novella is such a treat for us diehard Stark fans and as usual Ms. Jenner throws in another twisty turn in the abrupt ending. I am sure this is not the last we will hear from the gold-digging “reporter” Lena/Maggie/Magdalena and I am here for it!

ARC provided from the author for an honest review.

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