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How to Love Your Neighbor by Sophie Sullivan

January 18, 2022
How to Love your Neighbor book cover

How to Love Your Neighbor by Sophie Sullivan

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A meet cute on the beach as our gorgeous guy comes off the surf and is immediately overrun by the sexy dog-walker’s band of pups. Grace is a quirky design college student who just inherited a fixer upper on the beach which just happens to be next door to the good-looking corporate real estate guru Noah. AKA hot guy from the beach. She can not wait to dive into the renovations on her new house, but he wants to buy her home to mow it down and put in a pool. Sparks fly initially as Noah keeps trying to persuade her to sell at any price and all Grace wants to do is keep the home for a connection to the family she never knew.

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This of course sets us up for some entertaining “enemies to lovers” shenanigans. They end up working together on an HGTV reality type renovation on-line magazine spread. Grace gets the design job of a lifetime – even as she is only just graduating from design school. The forced proximity of working together finds Noah increasingly drawn to her, even as she frustrates the hell of him. To his surprise, she does do some brilliant design work on his house.

They both have parental “issues”. Noah has escaped to California from New York to get out from under his Dad’s questionable business thumb and Grace’s mom was an absent parent continually looking for the next boyfriend. In fact, her mom kept Grace from ever meeting the grandparents that left her the house. Mom is mad about that inheritance and shows up to stir the pot and guilt Grace into giving her a cut of the house. This creates some mini-drama between Noah and Grace resulting in a mini-misunderstanding.

The supporting characters are all adorable, too. Morty is Grace’s grumpy old landlord/roommie/ grandfather figure. He has the best “old man” lines, but ultimately supports her moving out to the new house. Not without a few guilty “you are abandoning me” quips on her way out. Grace’s bestie Rosie and Noah’s assistant Josh have an insta-love connection that also pushes our Grace and Noah together.

“How to Love Your Neighbor” is a super cute, light-hearted renovation romance. Our authoress, Sophie Sullivan has written a thoughtful and engaging cast of characters that all have some wonderful additions to the story. This book is a follow up to Sullivan’s “Ten Rules for Faking It” which involves Noah’s brother Chris and Everly. That couple shows up throughout this book and will be a delightful cameo for those have read the first book. Grace and Noah’s romance is totally readable as a standalone. Their reluctant chemistry, bets and design challenges are worth checking out this clever and charmingly easy read.

I was given an e-ARC from Netgalley and St. Martins Press in exchange for an honest review.

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How to Love your Neighbor book cover
Ten Rules for Faking It book cover
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