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He’s With the Band by Julie Stone

January 17, 2022
He's With the Band cover

He’s with the Band by Julie Stone

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What a fantastic vintage rock and roll romance! Our darling Campbell is going thru a post-divorce, mid-life crisis and what a way to go! She wakes up after a wild wine night to find she is jobless, almost homeless and planning a road trip to see her teenage dream band’s reunion tour. Golden Tigers was a band in which she, in her early twenties, had followed around the country for a year. A wannabe groupie, Campbell was always blocked access to those rock Gods by their strict yet hot manager, Vince.

Now twenty years later, Campbell is a mature chick who still has a crush on the lead singer, Davis. She uses her groupie memory moves to maneuver to the front row of the show. Just then, her rock idol Davis pulls her up on stage to serenade, and she is whisked backstage with a promise to the afterparty with the band. Enter a gracefully aged, Vince. Still the hot manager blocking her access again to the lead singer.

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Vince offers her a dream gig to follow this tour with her camera as the official photo/biographer. Basically now “She’s with the Band”. While Campbell is still after a hook up with Davis, her mature self sees that as a career ending move, even if she is unsure of the future of said “career”. Vince and Campbell begin retracing their shared jaunts of her younger year following the band. Slowly getting to know each other again and remembering all their interactions thru a new lens.

Piecing together her photography and the interviews with the band members, Campbell connects the stories of the past weaved into their hit song lyrics. She eventually uncovers Golden Tiger’s carefully hid secret, and it puts her in jeopardy of tanking this newfound career she has successfully cultivated during the present tour. And effectively torpedoes her “second chance” romance of a lifetime.

“He’s With the Band” is refreshing as our authoress, Julie Stone, writes her strong middle-aged characters with grace and maturity. Most of their interactions and relationships are relatable for our Mid-Life Goddess readers. The only thing missing was “what the hell were all these guys doing for the last 20 years?” Throw in some serious serendipity, unrequited young love, rock and roll and it is a fabulous read.

I was given an e-ARC from Entangled Publishing and the author in exchange for an honest review.

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He's With the Band cover
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