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Enchant Me by J Kenner

October 28, 2021
Enchant Me book cover

Enchant Me by J. Kenner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Enchant Me is more confirmation of Damien and Nikki’s unconditional love for each other even with some challenging emotional trauma. J Kenner always sneaks in some sexy times for our fave couple, but this story is more of a family affair. Lots of Stark kid sightings – including the new Baby Boy Stark.

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As Damien and Nikki are focusing on the wedding for Evelyn and Frank. Kind of a “trial run” for their own upcoming vow renewal ceremony. Disturbing text messages start arriving (anonymously, of course) with videos of Damien’s past – like his “teenage years” past. Threats to expose these explicit videos to the world come along as well. While we get Damien’s POV on his feelings of shame for Nikki and the kids, he never goes over the edge internally. He always comes back to include Nikki in his inner turmoil and thoughts. The perfect man, am I right?

As Nikki and Damien walk down the aisle towards their lovingly deserved vow renewal, a disruption of monumental surprise spoils that sweet moment. Damien’s past again threatens to derail their family’s happily ever after. But Nikki puts them back together and moves Damien forward with such grace and acceptance.

Enchant Me is the conclusion to Damien and Nikki Starks’s Saga in terms of future full-length novels – sad face! But our lovely authorette, Ms. Kenner, floats us some new characters in the Stark world for future storylines sure to keep us getting glimpses of our loving and “growing” Stark family. Enchant Me has lots of cameos from the Stark Saga and Stark Security world, but this story is truly readable as a standalone. Kenner delivers this contemporary romance along with corporate vengeance, a baddie murdered, family betrayal, all with a tidy “Happily Ever After”. Both for our favorite couple and their newfound family.

I was given a copy of this ARC for an honest review from the author.

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Enchant Me book cover
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