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Dream Spinner by Kristen Ashley

May 30, 2021
book cover of Dream Spinner by Kristen Ashley

Dream Spinner (Dream Team #3) by Kristen Ashley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Dream Team series just keeps getting better and better! Hattie and Axl are our romance duo this time around and Kristen Ashley does not disappoint. The action and mayhem of the last two books are not the highlight this time around. We see more of the family relationship struggles for both Hattie and Axl – good thing they have each other to lean on…or into!

book quote from Kristen Ashley's Dream Spinner

Hattie’s daddy issues were highlighted at the end of the last book Dream Chaser. And the daddy is a drag until he meets Axl – maybe he just wanted a good man for his daughter – but Axl puts him in his place on first meet. Daddy is more supportive as the story evolves – even going to one of Hattie’s review shows. Axl’s dad is a jerk, too. Get the drift of the family dynamic that gets the most words in the story.

Axl and Hattie are such a perfect match up – via our dear Rock Chick Lottie – who is in the throes of wedding planning chaos. Their romance is pretty drama free for the most part – definently a reversal of our author’s usual turmoil romance recipe. No kidnappings, no major breakups, I don’t even think there was a mall shoot out. But I am still here for the romance. There is some continuing “Crooked Cop” development with our friendly Cisco (the baddie trying to go goodie) in the mix. I am really looking forward to his love match – amIright?

Book quote from Kristen Ashley's Dream Spinner

Dream Spinner was overall a marvelous love story. It was charming and Axl and Hattie have a lot of “Sunday” couple time – and not many interruptions (another Ashley signature move.) In past books, I have been a little overwhelmed with Kristen pulling in so many of the past peripheral characters that it gets just too crowded. This book really focused primarily on our current Dream Team ladies and it was exactly right. And that epilogue was dynamite! So many storylines to explore for our authorette and I can not wait for Pepper and Augustus up next!

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book cover of Dream Spinner by Kristen Ashley
dream maker cover by Kristen Ashley
Dream Chaser cover by Kristen Ashley
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