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by Mistake by Sigal Ehrlich

January 19, 2021
by Mistake book cover

by Mistake (Poison & Wine #1) by Sigal Ehrlich

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All the warm fuzzies and unicorns are aligning in this delightful story about two people who happen together by mistake. A mis-addressed email to our do-good heroine ignites a flirty back and forth with the hot hero doctor. No “return to sender” for this missive.

Goodlooking doctor

Anna is an environmentally conscious nutritionist/Pilates instructor just hoping to get approved for a loan to buyout her boss’s workout studio – no time for a relationship. Minding her own business when she opens an email that was sent to her by mistake. She does the honorable thing and responds to let the sender know they need to re-send to the correct recipient. Enter our busy doctor Liam (yep, one of my fave male character names – Yum!) Liam has applied to Doctors without Borders while completing his hectic residence stint. He has some extremely strict pre-planned life rules – specifically “no romantic commitments until his residency is finished in a year.”

As they begin their back-and-forth correspondence, the flirtation is relatively harmless. You can flirt with abandon when you know you will never meet the person on the other side of the email. What ends up happening is they genuinely get to know each other. It is so easy to open up and be honest when you have no expectations of relationship drama. I adore Anna’s personality and confidence, but I will admit that I was slightly annoyed with Liam’s hard-headed “no commitment til I succeed” stance. But hey! You need to have imperfect characters in a story to really get into the nuance of what the author is writing about for our reading pleasure.

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As we are getting to know Anna and Liam, we are given a treat in the secondary characters. Anna’s gal group the “Chickens” all have unique personalities of their own. And what a fabulously supportive group of friends (including Anna’s sister Victoria). I am telling you – you will eat this book up in one afternoon and aspire to have the uncomplicated mindset that Anna radiates. Another bonus to the story is all the motivational quotes that both Anna and Liam sign off on their emails. My fave of those quotes:

“Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”

Sigal Ehrlich, by Mistake

The sweet slow-burn of this virtual “meet cute” will have you searching your emails for that mistaken romance. The clear message our authorette Ms. Ehrlich succinctly conveys is that your career and your relationship happiness need to balance. Hard to truly have one without the other. This was my first book from Sigal Ehrlich which reads very well as a standalone. Now, I am impatiently awaiting her next installment – by Chance. Vicky and Ricky’s Poison and Wine hook up.

I was given this ARC by the author thru Netgalley for an honest review.

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