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Anchored Hearts by Priscilla Oliveras

April 26, 2021
Book cover of Anchored Hearts by Priscilla Oliveras

Anchored Hearts by Priscilla Oliveras

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Anchored Hearts is a delightful visit back to a festive Key West and our favorite Cuban family. This second chance romance has lots of lover’s sparring and meddling mothers.

Alejandro has returned home after 10 years with a smashed-up leg, sustained from an extreme photo journalistic fall. Anamaria has a side business focusing on healthy food and living with a budding social influencing gig. She does not have time to moon over her high school sweetheart – their mothers have LOTS of time to concoct happenstance connections for these two ex-lovers. That is really the gist of most of the story – how these mamas connive is delicious. This romance has a slow burn as Alejandro and Anamaria almost missed their connection for the fear of where they would end up. He is an all around the world guy and Ana will not move from Key West.

Ana finally gives in to the new and improved relationship with Alejandro and that’s when things start rocking. Alejandro also has major daddy issues – but the love and respect he has for his father comes thru in a stunning art exhibit of his pictures while in Cuba. Literally brought me to tears when show is debuted, and all the older folks see the display.

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Anchored Hearts’ HEA is a sweet treat in the end – which throughout the story had me befuddled as to how our authorette Priscilla was going to wrap up. This book is the second in Oliveras’ “Keys to Love” series, but holds it’s own as a standalone story. Island Affair was a fabulous story and does lay out some of the family dynamic in Anchored Hearts. I think that Oliveras teased us with her next couple as well. Angsty artist Enrique and feisty agent Natalia? That would be another fun read – can’t wait!

I received this ARC from the author and Kensington Books via NetGalley for my honest review.

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Book cover of Anchored Hearts by Priscilla Oliveras
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