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Accidentally Perfect by Marissa Clarke

March 1, 2022
Accidentally Perfect Cover

Accidentally Perfect by Marissa Clarke

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Our story starts out with our successful workaholic, Lillian Mahoney, faced with the public meltdown of her star “lifestyle guru” accusing her of sabotage. Cue the viral social media fallout and Lillian needs to escape New York for a sabbatical while the PR nightmare cools down. Off she heads to her sister’s secret harborside cabin in the town of Blink, Maine. As in “blink and you might miss it” with a population of 204. One diner, one store and one grumpy hottie named Caleb Wright.

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Lillian has her wallet stollen, runs out of gas, and stumbles on her broken stilettos into the small town’s diner with no money and not a gas station in sight. Caleb is sitting at the counter eating breakfast watching all the townsfolk fawn all over this gorgeous, feisty, city girl. He has a major untrusting chip on his shoulder and is convinced that Lillian is in town for nefarious reasons. As Lillian’s bright personality and professional organizational skills gains her some pull with the town’s resident wealthy widower Roger, Caleb is set to foil her plans.

As they spend time together, the romantic slow burn between Lillian and Caleb builds. He comes to the conclusion that she has only good intentions and actually wants to save and promote his small town. I especially like that our author resolves Caleb’s distrust early on and it is not a constant drag on the story line. One sweet moment is when Lillian gives Bethany (Caleb’s salty teenage daughter) some perfect advice to deal with her old-fashioned dad. Not even knowing that the sexy Caleb is the old guy in question. I think that is when he knew he was smitten with Lillian.

All of the characters are so thoughtfully well-written as witty and comfortable in their small-town community. Another fabulous storyline was how Lillian grew to appreciate the friendships she gained along the way. One reason she is conflicted about going home to her high pressure, “no friends” existence in New York. But, back she must go and leave behind her newfound friends and the best man she has ever known.

Accidentally Perfect is the picture-perfect rom-com for your oceanside beach reading getaway. Marissa Clarke wraps up this heartwarming story flawlessly with a win-win HEA in love and prosperity for everyone. I have a sneaking suspicion that there was another couple “connection” brewing at the ending. Who knows if that will be another story for this Hideaway Harbor series – I will be there for that as well!

I was provided this ARC from Amara/Entangled Publishing and NetGalley for an honest review.

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Accidentally Perfect Cover

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